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Hi. My name is Rolando. Many people call me Grow.

I love music. I love art. I respect the spirit world and think with my heart. I sing, appreciate entrepreneurial & artistic approaches to operating in the world, and generally work to make systems more harmonious.

Working with small business owners, creative professionals and social change agents, I've helped thousands of people gain new skills, leverage new technologies, strengthen operations and grow their base.

Mostly I perform strategic assessments and facilitate programs that help them reach their goals. This normally includes a combination of strategic advice, communications support and technical assistance.

I believe people are made to grow. Thankfully, every day can provide an opportunity to get better. An overview of my contributions can be found in the links below.

In brief, if you're out there trying to become a better person, live a better life, and help others do the same, I have resources to share, and people to connect you with.

Growth Strategist. Freelance Diplomat.

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evolve early morning

my first callabo with Nelson-Mandela Nance


from =cømingdøwn= by NorvisJr


Swimming in your skin again
blinded by your elegance
it seems I never get a chance to win
even when you meet defeat
Where you thinkin we should vacay
or will I ever get to see that day
and from your grip I gotta get away
and from your grip I gotta get away

It’s early morning
and I try my best to not forget your kiss
It’s early morning
and I try my best to not forget your kiss

I keep falling off my skateboard
Trying to a balance my thoughts
It seems you got the drive
well sh!t I like to walk*
Tonight might not be the night
maybe you just be too right for me, for me
for me, for me
you might just be too right for me, for me, for me, for me

Wake up, wake up, wake up,

Roll out, breathe in, exhale, 
Take a… breathe…
Jr take a breathe….

Now really listen for a moment.
There is a morning, and a mourning time.
You, you’re on your morning
plus your mourning…

Time is likely best
you go refresh and let
be what you call this…
A breakup is simply much better than breakdown 
You break apart the part of you that feels you need to stay down

You wake up
there’s nothing left for you to say
The fun times with that sunshine, is yesterday…
Yeah, she had to go 
Yeah, she couldn’t stay
Yeah, you let her go
Yeah, you’ll be ok

This here is opportunity 
for you and she 
to reshape the shape of your soon to be
Evolve early morning
Evolve early mournings
Evolve early morning

Staying Warm In The Cold, thanks to Namibia Donadio & Augustina Warton of @artisloveandaction singing a song I posted on @soundcloud via @Instagram! @myndrevolutions @augustinaw
“Wake up in the morning with the yearning to learn! so we’ve been singing this all day @rolandobrown ‪#‎stayingwarminthecold‬ ‪#‎loveinthetimeofcapitalism‬ ‪#‎disqueRemix‬”

"Life is like…" meets "Life, I wonder… If I ruled the world (Imagine that)…"

I’d probably have epic comedic drama filled conversations on benches like this one. I’d definitely make sure they put benches back in the front of all the buildings on Richmond Terrace and Jersey St. (That’s where I grew up on Staten Island). Why?

The entire intergenerational fabric of my neighborhood changed when they removed those benches. Hmmm. Yes, I remember that loitering and cornering in NYC in 1994 was, hmmm, “complicated.” Felt like some policy somewhere read “Let’s just get and keep everyone in the building.” Hmmm.

Now, I remember those benches being more helpful than harmful actually. As a youth, you’re just a little more mindful of everything you do and don’t do when you know there’s an elder sitting out there watching you, watching out for you, etc. you also just learn to be and sit outside.

I know it’s complex. I get it. I got it then. But, looking deeply, the elders don’t gather outdoors like they used to. I’m not sure we do either. You know? As expected, I’d be inclined to ask if others, in other neighborhoods, wanted the same thing (those story telling benches).

So, if life were like a box of Rolando, especially if I was sharing the story of 1994, I’d probably enjoy explaining my life to a group of elders waiting for the bus. I’d probably keep coming back to the miracles of love and friendship.

For the epic, I’d rely on sprinkles of critical connections between 131, Now Born Click, Ruthless Bastards, 456, Genocide, Wu-Tang Clan, T.M.I, The Hoody Men, Forest Gump, Steve Jobs, the Bee Gees, Gucci Mane, Outkast, Ceelo Green, Common, Missy Elliot, Charan P, Abstrek Genius Tha Funksta, Dead Prez, Jay Z, Tupac, Sarah Montgomery Glinski, Biggie and of course, Nas.

I probably wouldn’t say something like “Life is like a box of Rolando…” However, being that this is an Instagramed Bitstrip, and I am part of a generation working to be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant,” you really never know. You probably need to read The Forest Gump page on Wikipedia to really get all of this). Maybe. Maybe you get it. Maybe you been got it.

I do know this. It takes a lot of mind, body and spirit work to navigate all of these spaces with grace. Sometimes I need to move. Sometimes I need to sit down. Forest Gump seemed to know how to both “make a miracle” and “let a miracle.” We need such people.

I do know this. While it might be a bus ride to war, to storm, to loss, or a ride to one of worlds many joys, I look forward to the next bus ride.



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